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Importing Personal Effects

Personal effects imported for your own use and owned and used by you previously do not attract duty or other taxes on arrival. The cost of moving can be high and household items vary greatly in replacement value from country to country, so it is worth doing some research before deciding what to take and what to leave behind. In the case of many electrical and electronic items, differing standards may make it more worthwhile to purchase new ones.

For more information visit - www.customs.gov.au

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Importing Motor Vehicles

The total cost of importing a car to Australia, including compliance (ensuring the vehicle meets Australian standards) and re-registration is so high that unless your vehicle is very special it is seldom worthwhile.

For more information visit - www.customs.gov.au

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Importing Cats and Dogs

Australia has very strict regulations regarding the importing of animals in order to protect against the introduction of diseases which could damage plant and animal life and thus the Australian economy. Application for an Import Permit must be made to the Principle Veterinary Officer (Quarantine) in the relevant State or Territory. Stringent health and certification requirements must be met and each animal must be accompanied by a certificate of inspection by an Official Veterinarian. In most cases the animal will need to be identified by a microchip or tattoo. Both dogs and cats are required to undergo a period of quarantine on arrival in Australia at one of three centres (in Victoria, NSW and Western Australia). Dogs and cats from approved rabies-free countries (including the UK) which meet all other requirements for import are currently quarantined for a period of 30 days.

For more information visit - www.daff.gov.au/ba

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