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TODAY'S VISA NEWS! See live immigration
and visa news from the Australian Government

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DIBP newsroom. Read more....

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Melbourne - The Best City in the World                                                         

Victoria's capital tops liveability survey. Read more..


THIS WEEK'S VIDEOS - Watch self-help visa videos from the Australian Government ImmiTV channel

See the useful ImmiTV video hub provided by the Australian Government DIBP Click here.

Recent News from Victoria State     

The State of Victoria is one of the most popular destinations for new settlers. Find out why. Read more..

 Australia is rated the best place to live...

 The OECD has rated Australia as the best place in the World for living standards. Read more..

MOST POPULAR VISA? General Skilled Migration and Skillselect cxplained...

Find out more! Visit the MIGRATION BUREAU Migration Agent referrals portal for useful quick-links through to the Australian Government DIBP website explaining the General Skilled Migration Programme Read more...


NEW SETTLER STORIES: Watch the video clip with feed-back from other Australian migrants...

Listen to what other new settlers say! See the video clip now Click here

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IMMEDIATE JOB VACANCIES - view advertised jobs in Australia today!

Visit the seek website which is one of Australia;s largest job vacancy portals. Read more..

Canberra Wants You!

ACT offers emigration opportunities in the service industries. Read more..

Sky News on Growth in Australian Emigration

Migration Bureau participates in Australian emigration feature! Read more..


For drivers license changes, visit the Relocation Guide page....

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ICT Opportunities Announced in Melbourne Area

Victoria revises its skills lists. More jobs for geeks. Read more..

New Australian Emigration Opportunities

The Lucky Country could be lucky for you this year. Read more..


Australia Tops Quality of Life Index 

If you want to live well, happy and longer, better move to Australia.Read more..

Western Australia Needs You!
Australia's largest state publicises its immigration sponsorship opportunities. Read more..


Australia Migration News 

Available 24 hours, 7 days per week. Read more..


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Migration News - your guide to a new life in Australia

More new and information every day. Read more......

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