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Karen and David Atkinson - now of Queensland, Australia.

When visiting her sister in Sydney, Karen Atkinson, her husband David and two year old son Josh were impressed by the Australian way of life. David had previously visited Brisbane and loved it’s laid back atmosphere and year-round good weather. The emigration seed was sown!

So, in August 2005 they decided to ring a migration agent recommended by a friend who had recently moved to Brisbane.  After talking to the agent they decided to go ahead and apply for a Skilled Independent visa based on Karen’s nursing qualifications.

Gaining all the required documents for the skills assessment proved a bit tricky but eventually the assessment was submitted. With massive relief, Karen and David received a positive result from their assessment early October.

Knowing it was a gamble they had decided to go ahead and complete the main application whilst waiting for the results of their skills assessment.  As Karen says, “We had a slightly anxious moment when our agent said that she had not received our application even though we had sent it two weeks previously.  It eventually arrived after three weeks but we had learnt our lesson and that was to spend the money on special delivery for important documents”.

They wanted to move to Australia as soon as possible so once they had done their medicals and their police clearances had been sent to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) they had to decide whether to put their house on the market or wait until they had their visas.  Karen says, “In the gambling manner we had become accustomed to we decided to put the house on the market and just see how it went”.  The gamble paid off as after only six weeks they had an offer on the house but still did not know if they would get their visas. They continued with the house sale and knew they would probably have to move into rented accommodation as it was likely the sale would be completed before they had their visas.

After a few anxious weeks they received the phone call from their agent telling them the good news.  They both handed their notices in at work that same day and the next day booked their flights to Australia leaving on the 21st May 2006.  Karen admits that it was sad saying goodbye to friends at work because she had been there for five years but knew better things were to come.  Goodbyes to family were also hard but they remained focused on the reason why they were moving.

Karen, David and Josh have been in Brisbane for a few months now and as a final word Karen says, “ Life is good, the sun is shining and we have no regrets”.




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