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The McCarthy Family..now of South Australia

  More time to spend with his family, beautiful views from his home in the hills and a satisfying job are just a few of the reasons why Shaun McCarthy is pleased he and his family made the decision to move to South Australia.

Originally from Wolverhampton in the UK, he moved to Adelaide on a regional sponsored migration visa (RSMS) for an easier going way of life – and that is certainly what he, and his family, now have.

“We’re glad we made the decision to move here and actually wish we’d made the decision earlier” says Shaun.  “We came over to Australia to visit and travelled to Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Perth and Adelaide.  After that visit we felt we could live in either Perth or Adelaide, but a job offer I received from South Australia, meant that our decision was made.”

The family initially found a place to rent in Eden Hills and, with the help of friends, quickly found a nearby school through which they’ve met a lot of parents and made new friends.

The RSMS visa is a two year permanent visa.  Shaun’s employer has sponsored Shaun to work as an electrician for him for the duration of his two-year visa, after which time Shaun will be able to move to another employer, if he wishes.

“I enjoy my work and my employer has been great.  In the UK I used to have to work weekends and long hours, but in Australia I only work weekends if I want to.  It means I have so much more time to spend with my family and get to eat meals with them every night of the week, which never used to happen in the UK.”

“We love just about everything about South Australia” explains Shaun.  “We live up in the hills and I have a wonderful view over the city to the sea in the distance every morning when I drive to work.  There are lots of national parks nearby and the city is so easy to get around.”

“We’ve done lots of travelling but chose Australia because we wanted an easier going way of life, better weather and because there are no language barriers.  We’ve got all of this in South Australia and we haven’t looked back since we arrived.”

Source: Government of South Australia - please visit www.migration.sa.gov.au


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