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Tasmania Regional Profile

Tasmania is a land apart – a place of wild and beautiful landscapes; friendly, welcoming people; a pleasant, temperate climate; wonderful wine and food; a rich history; and a relaxed island lifestyle.
If you are intending to migrate to Australia - consider Tasmania. You will not be disappointed.

Tasmania is the large island off the SE corner of the Australian mainland. It is approximately the same size as Ireland (68,000 km²) and sits at a similar latitude to Bordeaux in France (40-43 degrees).  This location and the surrounding oceans ensure Tasmania escapes the extreme heat of mainland Australia in summer, while winters are much milder than Northern Hemisphere countries at the same latitude.  Quite simply, Tasmania is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in the world. 

Ranked third out of 115 destinations worldwide by National Geographic Traveller Magazine (2004), Tasmania has become a bit of a Mecca for tourists and migrants looking to escape from all the pitfalls and downsides of modern life.  Tasmania may not suit people who want a big city lifestyle but if you and your family want an escape from stress, overcrowding, pollution, traffic jams, unaffordable housing and grey skies while still enjoying all the benefits of modern economy and society then this might be just the place for you.

Approximately 490,000 people call Tasmania home with the population pretty evenly dispersed around the State.  As the smallest region of Australia, Tasmania receives the least immigrants of all the States (around 1% of the annual intake), although interestingly, it has the highest proportion of UK born people within its overseas born population (47.2% in 2004-05). The State attracts people who like the idea of living in Australia but don't enjoy extreme summer temperatures.  Others come for quite specific reasons, like trout fishing or trekking (both world class), to run a dairy or fish farm or to buy the waterfront property or have the garden they could never afford back home. 

Hobart, Tasmania's capital lies in the south-east of the state, near the mouth of the Derwent River at the foot of Mount Wellington. Small enough to be intimate and large enough to have wonderful facilities, Hobart enjoys a spectacular location. The majestic Mount Wellington towers behind the Georgian warehouses of Salamanca Place, while nearby, elegant cruising yachts, fishing boats and Antarctic resupply vessels anchor beside fish punts and waterside cafes.



Tasmania has a broad based economy which is growing at around 3.5 %/annum.  Major industries include tourism, boatbuilding and specialised manufacturing, timber processing, food production and mining and metal processing.      


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