Migration News is an excellent resource for anyone considering immigrating to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.


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Business Migration Reference Guide

Useful websites and information about doing business and investing in Canada

Setting up a New Business

Doing business in Canada


Invest in Canada

Business Start Up Assistance

Buying the business of your dreams in Canada!

Buying a business in Canada can require much patience, perseverance and initiative. Whether considering the purchase of a new or existing business, (perhaps a franchise operation), you would be best to seeking expert advice on such issues as the national and provincial legal frameworks within which you will operate.

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Find a Business for Sale
ROC- Répertoire des occasions commerciales- http://www.relationcanada.com

Find A Franchise

Information on the States/Territories

Nunavut www.gov.nu.ca
Northwest Territories www.gov.nt.ca
British Columbia www.gov.bc.ca
Yukon www.gov.yk.ca
Saskatchewan www.gov.sk.ca
Alberta www.gov.ab.ca
Manitoba www.gov.mb.ca
Ontario www.ontario.ca
Quebec www.gouv.qc.ca
New Brunswick www.gnb.ca
Newfoundland and Labrador www.gov.nf.ca
Nova Scotia www.gov.ns.ca
Prince Edward Island www.gov.pe.ca


Please visit www.cra-arc.gc.ca for more detailed information on the various tax rates.

Interest Rates

Visit the Bank of Canada for current interest rates. www.bank-banque-canada.ca



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