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Top Relocation Tips

Financial Advice


The first thing you need to do when you are thinking of transferring the your UK pension to the UK, is to find out if your pension is eligible for transfer.

For assistance with pension transferrals from the United Kingdom to Canada visit - www.transatlantictransfers.com


Before you leave get up to date statements and valuations of all your investments along with all the supporting documentation such ownership documents and contact details, and put them together in one file. It will help you review your savings and investment requirements once in Canada so you understand clearly what your options are.

Life Insurance

If you have current policies make sure that you review your options before cancelling them or cashing them in. You may be covered for a short period of time when you have left your country of origin which will provide you with time to find a suitable insurer when you arrive in Canada. There are many resources on the web to research the best policy for you and find out approximately how much it will cost.

Medical Insurance

It is advisable that before you leave your country of origin you acquire your medical record from your GP. This may assist you in getting Medical/Health Insurance in your new country. Check out what is free and covered in Canada and find a suitable private health insurer to suit your needs.


Make sure that when you plan to relocate to Canada you plan sufficiently to have a enough money to cover your expected expenses for an extended period of time. 3-6 Months is a good time frame.  

For other financial matters check out our other sections on Tax Matters, Investing, Buying a home etc.

For further details, please visit www.fin.gc.ca


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