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Halifax City Guide

Whether Halifax is your intended destination or just a brief stopover on the way to your new home, we have compiled this guide to help you get your bearings on arrival. To obtain more details about the city check out the websites listed at the end of this profile.


The population of Greater Halifax is approximately 373,000, which is more than one-third of Nova Scotia’s population.


Greater Halifax consists of 5,577 Square Kms and has over 400Km (250 miles) of Coastline.


Halifax’s climate is influenced by the locality of Nova Scotia being on the Atlantic Coast.


There are a number of options for housing in Halifax. You have the option of going rural or urban with a wide range of types of accommodation to choose from. 


Halifax Regional Municipality is a major economic centre in Eastern Canada. There is a large number of government services and Public Sector companies.  Of course being a coastal city many people are employed by the Port of Halifax which is a major employer and economic generator for the area.  In the rural areas fishing, agriculture, mining, forestry and natural gas extraction provide major resource industries.

Dining Out

There are innumerable dining experiences to be had in Greater Halifax.  Everything from Chowder to Sushi and also a vast selection of Northern American dishes are available from an increasing number of restaurants. 

Local Transport

Metro Transit is the local bus operation providing full service within the greater Halifax Area.  There are also limited express services available at a higher cost. Normal fares cost between $1.40 and $2.50.

Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport provides daily departures to destinations in North America and Europe.  The airport is located 35 KM (21 zmiles)  from downtown Halifax along Highway 102.

Performing Arts

Halifax is represented by 30 different cultural groups and 180 community groups which provide the area with an exciting array of performing arts.  There are different events throughout the year which celebrate this diversity and bring the community together.

Lifestyle and Outdoor Recreation

Greater Halifax has outdoor recreation activities for all seasons.  You can explore the natural history of Halifax through the numerous trails.  Also being on the coast you will have ample opportunity to go sailing, surfing, canoeing or kayaking.


The Halifax area boasts a well developed school system that includes 140 Public Schools and 14 privately run schools.  There are also more than 8 Universities and post-secondary school education providers which contributes to a youthful culture and a major centre of Universities in Eastern Canada.

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Destination Halifax

Halifax Regional Municipality


With four distinct seasons the average high in 10.9C and a low of 2.9C.  The weather is usually milder than Central Canada, and the coastal areas cooler in the summer with the maritime influence.


Halifax is -04:00 GMT and during summer months uses day light savings -03:00 GMT.



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