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Saskatoon City Guide

Whether Saskatoon is your intended destination or just a brief stopover on the way to your new home, we have compiled this guide to help you get your bearings on arrival. To obtain more details about the city check out the websites listed at the end of this profile.


Saskatoon is Saskatchewan’s largest city with an estimated population of 208,300 ( December 31, 2007)


Saskatoon is Centrally located in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. The city lies 780 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg and approximately 300 kilometres north of the US Border.

Situated on the banks of the Saskatchewan River, within the city limits you can cross by bridge in 7 places. Altitude is 481.5 Meters above sea level and the city covers an area of 176 sq. Kilometers which includes over 120 Hectares of riverbank parklands.


Saskatoon boasts an average of 2,381 hours of Sun annually, making it one of the sunniest places in Canada.


Average valuation of houses in 2007 was around $300,000. Average rental costs approximately $535 depending on your requirements. These figures have grown substantially in the past couple of years, bringing Saskatoon inline with the overall Canadian Market.


Saskatchewan grows half of the entire quantity of Canada’s major export crops: wheat, oats, barley, rye, flaxseed and canola. Saskatoon is central in this market and provides a variety of services and products to the farm sector. Mining is also an important aspect of the economy. The Saskatoon region is the worlds largest exporter of uranium, and nearly two-thirds of the world’s recoverable potash reserves are located in the Saskatoon region.

Saskatoon is considered the agriculture biotechnology capital of Canada.

Dining out

Saskatoon offers your normal fast food establishments as well as fine dining. There is a growing market in restaurants providing menu options that include local produce: this provides a unique experience when eating out in Saskatoon.

Local Transport

The bus service in Saskatoon is efficient for you to rely on if need be. John G. Diefenbaker International Airport (YXE) is located just over 5 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon.

Performing Arts

Many festivals and special events are celebrated annually. From the ethnic celebrations of Folkfest and Vesna, to the renowned Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, to the innovative Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival and the popular Saskatoon Exhibition, the good times are guaranteed.

Lifestyle and Outdoor Recreation

Situated along a river bank Saskatoon has many recreational possibilities. Fishing, hunting, water sports, tramping all options that are available within the city limits.


With access to excellent k-12 schools, technical schools and the University of Saskatchewan, many educational opportunities are available.

The University of Saskatchewan is the only university in Canada to house all five health science colleges and a major teaching hospital on the same campus. Some of the first experiments undertaken aboard the space shuttle were a result of research conducted at the University of Saskatchewan. Innovation Place, located on the university grounds, is one of the most successful university related research parks in North America

On the Net

Saskatoon City Council

Regional Economic Development Authority

Tourism Saskatoon


There are four distinct seasons with temeratures ranging from 30?C (86F) on the warmest summer days to -30?C (-22F) of the coldest winter days.


Saskatoon uses the Central Standard time zone all year round which is 6 hours behind GMT.



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