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Winnipeg City Guide


Whether Winnipeg is your intended destination or just a brief stopover on the way to your new home, we have compiled this guide to help you get your bearings on arrival. To obtain more details about the city check out the websites listed at the end of this profile.


The population of the Metropolitan Area is 712,700(2007).


Winnipeg lies at the geographic centre of North America.Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba, a resource-rich province of 1.2 million people bordered by Ontario to the east, Saskatchewan to the west, and North Dakota and Minnesota to the south. The city is just 100 km (62 miles)from the United States border and is the major Canadian centre closest to Mexico.


Key Industries in Winnipeg include transportation and distribution, aerospace, agribusiness, finance and insurance, life sciences and biotechnology, information and communications technology, media, electric power, apparel and furniture manufacturing.

The central location of Winnipeg provides the ease of trading and service to all North American time zones. The International airport also operates 24 hours, so access to Winnipeg is freely open for importing and exporting and also Winnipeg has access to two ocean ports, so there are numerous ways in which trade and transportation can take place. Many large international companies are run in Winnipeg and many of these businesses call Winnipeg home.

Dining Out

Winnipeg's cultural diversity is truly represented in its dining experience. From Filipino to Carribean experiences and Mexican to regional cuisines there are plenty of places for you to dine ad expand your taste buds.

Local Transport

Winnipeg boasts almost 550 buses allowing you the ease of traveling throughout the Municipality. Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport provides the ability to travel internationally and domestically in and out of Winnipeg. The Airport is located 7 km from the city centre.

Performing Arts

Winnipeg has over 100 festivals each year that reflect the city’s diversity. And that is just culturally, when looking at the performing arts scene there are just as many exciting things happening. You can explore the thriving jazz scene or classical scenes from both the city folk and from its students that are studying in Winnipeg.

Lifestyle and Outdoor Recreation

Adventures in Manitoba can be as rugged or as civilized as you wish. The southern and western areas of Manitoba are rolling prairie and sweeping uplands. On the high Manitoba Escarpment you can discover Riding Mountain National Park, where the town site, Wasagaming, nestles on the shores of Clear Lake.

Parks near Winnipeg offer a refreshing respite from a busy schedule. These parks include Beaudry Provincial Heritage Park, Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Birds Hill Provincial Park, Whiteshell Provincial Park and Grand Beach Provincial Park.


Winnipeg is a university and college city and a centre for learning. There are six big learning centers in Winnipeg which provide a diverse learning experience.

Public schools are operated under the direction of the Minister of Education, Citizen and Youth. There are also private schools which are run usually by religious affiliation. Pupils usually start school at Kindergarten aged 5 however this is not compulsory but your child must be in school from Grade 1 onward (about 6 years old).

On the Net

Winnipeg Tourism

Winnipeg City Council


Winnipeg has 4 distinct seasons with temperatures ranging from -12?c to 26?c. Winnipeg receives over approx 2,300 hours of sunshine annually. During summers months this usually includes about 16 hours of sunlight daily. Winnipeg, also gets about 20.2 inches of precipitation each year.


 Manitoba observes Central Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time.



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