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Mick and Michelle Archer - now of Calgary

Mick and Michelle Archer and their children, Kayleigh (14yrs), Thomas (11yrs) and Emmie (7yrs), moved to Canada from the UK in August 2005 and are loving every minute of it.

Their main reason for relocating to Canada was to improve on their lifestyle and also to take advantage of the amazing scenery Canada has to offer. They were originally going to settle in Toronto as this is the city they had previously visited but after much research they eventually decided on Calgary. They felt that Calgary offered the best job opportunities for Mick as well as the cost of living not being too expensive. Additionally, the scenery and mountains played a big part in their final decision. Also as a lot of migrants settle in Toronto Mick and Michelle felt it was better to live in a mainly Canadian community as they would integrate more quickly. Michelle says, “My aunt and uncle lived in Alberta for a few years and had told us how fantastic a place it was to live and that helped us to decide to move here as well”.

Michelle received Canadian citizenship in 2003 as her mother is Canadian so the visa application process for the whole family was made a little easier. They decided to use the services of the Migration Bureau because they needed assistance with some areas of the application and wanted to make sure that they did everything they needed to in order to be approved. As their application was straightforward the whole process took them just 5 months and soon after they left their home in the UK for their new life in Calgary.

Mick found a job straightaway as he had contacted the company he is now working for whilst he was in the UK and arranged an interview for the week after they landed.

Says Michelle, “Canada is a fantastic place to live as it is safe, clean and friendly with breathtaking scenery. Our children have far more freedom here than we would have allowed them to have in the UK. Our standard of living is also so much better. The children miss family and friends more than myself and Mick but we do contact everyone regularly by email or phone”. Their house is twice the size of their house in the UK and they spend so much more time as a family out and about every weekend. Although they have no family in Canada, they have made lots of new friends so are living life to the full.



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