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Buying or Renting A Vehicle - A Guide

Finding A Car

There is a wide variety of cars available in New Zealand. If you intend to buy a new car, the options and procedures are quite similar to other places around the world. Most new migrants, however, start off by buying a second-hand car.

New Zealand has a wide variety of second-hand cars available and they are extremely well priced. There are several options available when looking for a car, depending upon the type of car you want, how much money you are willing to spend and how much you know about cars. The options include purchasing through a LMVD registered car dealer, at a car auction, car fair or privately.

Purchasing A Car

Once you have decided to purchase a car, you will need to complete all the paperwork to ensure that the car is legally able to be on the road and to change ownership. If you purchase a car through a dealer or at an auction they will normally take care of the paperwork but if you are buying privately you will have to do the paperwork yourself.

A warrant of fitness is a check on the safety of the car and must be carried out by a certified issuer.

Vehicle licences can be purchased for two month, six month or annual periods.


 The cost of insurance will depend on the age and model of your car, your age, your insurance history and the size of your excess. Your car must have a WoF and a vehicle licence.

It is a good idea to bring with you confirmation of any no claims bonus you have as most likely your NZ insurance company will honour this bonus.

Web Resources

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