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Importing Personal Effects

If you are taking up permanent residence in New Zealand for the first time your household effects will be admitted duty free, provided you have owned and used them prior to your departure. New Zealand has very strictly enforced regulations regarding the importation of items which could contain insects or disease. Items may be removed for fumigation or cleaning. Many items must be declared; food and plants or parts thereof must not be taken at all.
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Importing Motor Vehicles

A first time migrant has the right to import a motor vehicle, motorcycle and/or boat without payment of GST, provided that the vehicle has been personally owned and used for not less than 12 months. Conditions do apply if the imported vehicle or boat is sold within two years of importation or if it to be used for commercial purposes. Vehicles are subject to a quarantine inspection on arrival and must be certified by the Land Transport Safety Authority as complying to NZ legal requirements before they can be registered for use on public roads.
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Importing Cats and Dogs

An import health permit must be obtained prior to importation into New Zealand of a domestic cat or dog from a country approved for the export of dogs and cats to New Zealand. Applications are made to the Ministry of Agriculture. In some cases the animal will need to be identified by a microchip. Quarantine and other restrictions may apply, depending on the country of origin. It is advisable to make use of the services of a company specialised in pet transportation and importing.
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