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How To Prepare Your CV

Before you start the job search process it is essential that you prepare a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) fitting the local New Zealand style. Generally a CV that is styled for the UK, European or other overseas markets will not be suitable for use in New Zealand.

Your CV should contain the following headings; 
Personal Details

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone and E-mail address
  • Nationality (IMPORTANT - clearly state that you are applying for permanent residence visas or are approved.)
  • Marital Status & Children
  • Languages spoken (indicating ability)
  • Societies / Clubs / Memberships
  • Hobbies and leisure interests
  • Key skills (A brief summary of your skills and competencies.)

Education and Qualifications

(Indicate dates and certificates/diplomas/ degrees attained. IMPORTANT - where possible indicate the New Zealand equivalent of your qualification.)

  • High School/Secondary School
  • Tertiary e.g. University/College/Polytechnic
  • Short courses (indicate specific skills acquired)

Career/Work History

(Indicate dates; Month and Year. List your current job first.)

  • Company / Organisation Name
  • Position
  • Responsibilities (Describe your duties, job content, position in organisation, staff supervised, projects/challenges completed, promotions. Also, describe the activities of your employing organisation, e.g. industry sector, market standing, size, turnover, etc.)

Personal References

Name, Position, Address and contact details of two former employers.

Example CV

Please click here to open an example CV in the New Zealand style.




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