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The City of Christchurch in Canterbury suffered a serious  earthquake on 22 September 2011 which has meant that nearly 70 per cent of the Central Business District buildings needed to be demolished as they became unsafe. This has created a major building boom in the city and is now attracting many skilled workers from around the World to participate in the re-build of the city that could take up to 15 years to complete.

After work would you like to be able to have a swim in the Pacific Ocean, mountain bike on the edge of an extinct volcano, take a stroll down the banks of a flowing river or golf at a course located near the central city?  Christchurch and Canterbury can offer all of this and more which makes it such an appealing choice to live and work.

Awesome lifestyle

Canterbury is New Zealand's largest geographical region and is located on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It consists of 45,346 square kilometres, representing approximately a quarter of the South Island. In comparative terms, Canterbury is similar in size to The Netherlands. The Canterbury region is bordered by the Southern Alps to the West, the Pacific Ocean to the East and goes as far North as the Kaikoura district (famous for Whale Watch activities) and south to Waimate. Over half a million people (530,000) live in Canterbury. The region enjoys a pleasant, temperate climate with no harsh extremes.

Christchurch, the second largest city in New Zealand, is the central heart of the Canterbury region and gateway to the South Island. With around 370,000 people, Christchurch accounts for just over two-thirds of the region's population.
Known as the 'Garden City', a deserved title with over 650 parks and reserves, the city offers all the vibrancy of a major metropolis. It is a city offering stylish shopping, easily accessible outdoor pursuits, first class cultural activities and above all, friendly, internationally focused people.

Canterbury provides everything you need for a fantastic lifestyle; amazing scenery, diverse range of outdoor activities, internationally renowned wine and cuisine, arts and culture and above all a relaxing way of life.

Vibrant and Stable Economy

The region of Canterbury and the city of Christchurch present a wide range of business opportunities. The local economy is one of the most dynamic and robust in the country. The region offers a unique blend of assets and capabilities, including excellent infrastructure, a highly educated and innovative workforce plus access to world-class research facilities. Canterbury is truly a place from which you can challenge the world!

The city is the recognised leading electronics producer in New Zealand and the electronics sector is growing faster in Canterbury compared to any other New Zealand region, producing around 40% of the countries electronic goods.
Christchurch is also a leading provider of international education with around 15,000 students travelling to the region each year to learn English. It also has a diverse and technologically advanced manufacturing sector, plus a growing service and tourism sector. Regional Canterbury has strengths in traditional and emerging land based industries and tourist activities. The region has a strong innovative base from which to leverage science and technology led economic growth and to enhance the value of both the established and emerging land based industry sectors.

The Canterbury economy represents around 13% of national economic activity. With all key sectors represented, the Canterbury economy parallels with the New Zealand economy more than any other region and like the national economy, Canterbury is export focused.

New Zealand is an investment friendly business environment with red tape kept to a minimum and where business procedures are relatively straightforward. Canterbury is no exception to this and welcomes foreign investment with investors free to acquire controlling interest in ventures. Whether looking to invest in an existing business, land-based assets, stocks and bonds or a 'green fields' venture, Canterbury offers an attractive investment opportunity.

Working in Canterbury

Canterbury's burgeoning economy has resulted in a growth of the region's workforce. Canterbury is the powerhouse of job creation in New Zealand and since June 1998, 33% of the jobs created in New Zealand have come out of Canterbury. 

In the past five years, Canterbury has diversified from traditional land-based activities and seen a corresponding increase in employment in the service sector with the largest increase in the health, property, education and retail sectors. Manufacturing remains the largest industry. Construction has emerged as a major growth industry due to the earthquake re-build.

Modern & Cost Effective Infrastructure

Christchurch and Canterbury has a well-developed, stable and cost-effective business infrastructure. The region is well served by an international airport and two sea ports. Low cost electricity, communications and commercial property rental means business costs are highly competitive.  These key business advantages are supported by world-class research and academic institutions as well plus excellent conference and exhibition facilities.

If you are thinking of making Canterbury your home visit these sites for more information:

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