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Travel Around New Zealand

There are a number of ways for you to explore New Zealand. You can hire a car, travel by bus, fly or take a guided tour through a Tour operator.

Travelling by Bus

There are many affordable ways of travelling across the islands through the many bus operators in New Zealand. Of course this option would only suit you if you want to just visit a particular destination and not check out other things on the way. Fares vary according to distance but you can get fares from $1 - $150. Of course, the earlier that you book the better. Here are some bus companies operating throughout New Zealand


To fly somewhere it is best to book as early as possible to get the best possible deal.

Not all flight operators fly to all airports in New Zealand so some destinations are particularly more expensive to fly to than others.

If you are looking for a last minute get away. You can check out the Grab a Seat fares that Air New Zealand offers. They come out everyday and offer cheap deals to and from particular destinations for a specific date range. These usually sell out very fast and are often for dates that are close by.

Air New Zealand

Jet Star


If you would like to see New Zealand without the hassle of driving yourself around and finding the ‘good’ spots, then a guided tour may be for you. The tours vary in length and you pay a set amount which covers accommodation & travel. Sometimes meals are provided also.

Check out some tour providers to see if there is anything that suits you!



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