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How to relocate?  Here's your answer. The MIGRATION NEWS online magazine is an excellent resource for anyone considering migration to Australia, New Zealand, or Canada. It provides a wealth of visa & job quick-links, and relocation information on each destination as well as useful settlement news.



New Zealand

Migration Bureau : Immigration Visas for Australia, Canada and New Zealand
The Migration Bureau is a free migration agent referral portal for Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
ODG Recruitment International : New Zealand Job Search in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch
ODG Recruitment International provides online recruitment agent referrals to clients and candidates in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch & New Zealand wide. If you would like to work in New Zealand, use the services of ODG Recruitment to assist you.

Taranaki, Wanganui
SouthCare Medical Trust : Physician/General Practitioner (GP) Jobs in New Zealand NZ
SouthCARE Medical has vacancies for international medical physicians, doctors and other professions looking for jobs at a community focused General Practitioners (GP) practice in New Zealand.

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