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Moving to the UK?

There is plenty to organise when looking to emigrate or make an overseas purchase. Currency exchange may not be the first thing on your mind, but it is certainly one of the most important. Currency Online specialises in foreign exchange and can help you secure the best possible deal on your money transfers, so you get more British pounds at the other end. Currency Online will monitor the exchange rates for you and enable you to lock in favourable exchange rates – even if you don’t have the funds available immediately.

Why use a specialist rather than my bank for my money transfers?

Historically the only option for those who wanted to send money overseas was to use their local bank. This was often a complex process which incurred expensive fees and poor exchange rates. Non bank providers like Currency Online can provide better rates and greater service because they are specialists. Mainstream banks offer a full range of general banking services and therefore have higher overheads leading to higher costs to you, in the form of poor rates and high fees.

The benefits of using Currency Online;

•      Better rates than your bank can offer, no commission
•      Dedicated Account Manager for each client
•      Zero fees on all transactions
•      24 hour money transfer service
•      Fast, secure payments to accounts worldwide
•      Trusted with money transfers for over 20 years
•      Lock in today's rate for future payment

Is it easy to open an account?
It sure is. Registering for a Customer Account only takes a few minutes online and there is no obligation to use their services.

Whatever your currency requirements, let the foreign currency specialists at Currency Online make your transfers safe, secure, cost effective and stress free.

Contact Currency Online today Click here

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